Ph.D./D.Sc. Students

Harley H. Cudney, Ph.D., 1989, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo (with D. J. Inman),
Distributed Structural Control Using Multilayered Piezoelectric Actuators.

Scott E. Miller, D.Sc., 1995, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with H. Abramovich),
Distributed Modal Control of Piezolaminated Anisotropic Planar and Cylindrical Structures.

Yeshaya Lipman, D.Sc., 1995, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with J. Shinar),
Analysis of Anti-Missile Defense Scenarios Using a Linear Model. (in Hebrew)

Jonathan Alkahe, Ph.D., 2002, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with O. Rand),
Helicopter Faults – Simulation, Detection and Identification. [graduate school’s page]

Daniel Choukroun, Ph.D. (direct track), 2003, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with I. Y. Bar-Itzhack),
Novel Methods for Attitude Determination Using Vector Observations. [graduate school’s page] [BGU website]

Ilia Rapoport, Ph.D., 2005, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Optimal Filtering in the Presence of Faults: Algorithms and Performance Measures. [graduate school’s page]

Ilan Shaviv, Ph.D., 2008, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
A Stochastic Approach to Fusion of Estimation and Guidance. [graduate school’s page]

Avishy Carmi, Ph.D. (direct track), 2008, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Spacecraft Attitude and Angular Rate Estimation from Vector Observations. [graduate school’s page] [BGU website]

Daniel Sigalov, Ph.D., 2016, Applied Mathematics, Technion,
State Estimation in Linear Systems with Random Parameters. [graduate school’s page]

Igal Gluzman, Ph.D., 2017, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with J. Cohen),
Disturbance Identification in Boundary Layer Flow via Blind Source Separation. [graduate school’s page]

Aaron Friedman, Ph.D. (direct track), 2018, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with J. Cohen),
Reduced System OrderĀ and Sensing/Actuation ResolutionĀ for Estimation and Control of Transition to Turbulence. [graduate school’s page]

Liraz Mudrik, Ph.D. (direct track), in progress, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Optimal Estimation and Decision in Stochastic Guidance.

Exchange Students

Dany Dionne, Ph.D., 2002, Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (with J. Shinar),
Application of a GLR Detector/Estimator to the Terminal Guidance Problem of Intercepting a Maneuvering Ballistic Missile. [final report]