M.Sc./M.A. Students

Baruch Menis, M.Sc.,1992, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Motion Estimation via Statistical Filtering of Optical Flow – Theory and Applications. (in Hebrew)

Michael Isakow, M.Sc., 1992, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Estimation of Aircraft Attitude Based on a Stabilized Payload. (in Hebrew)

Tal Mendelboim, M.Sc., 1993, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Maximum Likelihood Modal Parameter Identification and Realization of Stochastic Systems Using the Eigensystem Realization Algorithm. (in Hebrew)

Pavel Davidson, M.Sc., 1996, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Optimal Passive Bearing-Only Target Localization.

Sharon Avrashi, M.Sc., 1997, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with J. Shinar),
Identification of Maneuvering Strategies in an Air-to-Air Missile Versus Aircraft Encounter Using an Adaptive Multiple Model Estimator. (in Hebrew)

Francois Dellus, M.Sc., 1998, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Estimation of Satellite Angular Velocity Using Sequential Measurements of a Single Inertial Vector. (in Hebrew)

Ilan Shaviv, M.Sc., 2001, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Optimal Automatic Tuning of a Kalman Filter Using Genetic Algorithms.

Ariel Rubanenko, M.Sc., 2002, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with H. Rotstein),
State Estimation Using Measurements With Uncertain Time-Tag. [graduate school’s page]

David Arad, 2002, M.Sc. (with distinction), Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Improving the Interception Performance of Air-to-Air Missiles Using Target Orientation Information.

Meirav Almogi-Nadler, M.Sc., 2003, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with J. Z. Ben-Asher),
Boost-Phase Identification of Theatre Ballistic Missiles Using Radar Measurements (in Hebrew). [graduate school’s page]

Avishy Carmi, 2005, M.A., Aerospace Engineering, Technion (transferred to direct Ph.D. track),
Estimation of the Rotation Quaternion Using Particle Filtering. [graduate school’s page]

Liat Bar-Shimon, M.Sc., 2007, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
A Varying-Bandwidth Homing Estimator. [graduate school’s page]

Yizhar Cohen, M.Sc. (with distinction), 2007, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with I. Y. Bar-Itzhack),
Geometry Approach for Recursive Attitude Estimation from Vector Observation. [graduate school’s page]

Maxim Goldshtein, M.Sc., 2009, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (with Tzvi Efrati, Rafael),
Computer Vision-Based Compensation of Gyro Bias and Scale-Factor Errors. [graduate school’s page]

Sergey Vichik, M.Sc., 2012, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Covariance Selection, and Algorithms for Distributed Estimation Based on Gaussian Graphical Models. [graduate school’s page]

Aaron Friedman, M.A., 2013, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (transferred to direct Ph.D. track), (with Y. Cohen),
Sensing Optimization for State Estimation in Flow Control. [graduate school’s page]

Matan Yeger, M.Sc., 2016, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Tracking in the Presence of Field-of-View Constraints using Probabilistic Data Association. [graduate school’s page]

Nitai Stein, M.Sc. (with distinction), 2016, Aerospace Engineering, Technion,
Cooperative Estimation Via Altruism. [graduate school’s page]

Liraz Mudrik, MA, 2019, Aerospace Engineering, Technion (transferred to direct Ph.D. track),
Cooperative Estimation-Guided Guidance.